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Vaccine Information

Everyone at Three Little Birds Pediatrics believes, passionately, in the health and well-being of all of our families. It is our firm position that vaccines are a critical part of the health and well-being of our current and future patients. Simply put, we know that vaccines help prevent significant illnesses that could potentially be life threatening. We know that many people are alive today because of the benefits of vaccinations. We encourage all of our families to make informed decisions when approaching vaccinations. Below, we have provided some comprehensive resources that may be utilized. They are referenced, data driven, and cover many of the questions families may have.

Vaccine Education Center

Provided by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, this site provides a wealth of information regarding vaccinations, vaccine components, science, and safety.

Vaccine Safety: Examine the Evidence

Provided by combined efforts of, the CDC, and the AAP, this site provides additional information and the actual research regarding vaccine science and safety. 

If Your Child Is Not Vaccinated or Undervaccinated

Important information to know in case your child is not vaccinated or undervaccinated. These tips can help healthcare workers take good care of your children.

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