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About Us

About Three Little Birds

Offering a wide range of patient services:

  • Scheduled well child:  Appointments are available for well child examinations and are scheduled throughout the day.   Most appointments for physicals are 15-30 minutes in duration and because there is much to accomplish during this limited time, we request that you and your child arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment time.   

    • In order to provide you with the time and date that works best for you and your family, we will offer to schedule your child’s next well visit when you check out from the office.  We are able to accommodate most requests to have children from the same family seen on the same day.  Depending on the age of the children, it may be useful to have another adult present to assist.

  • Same day acute illness:  If your child becomes ill, please contact the office as early as possible to schedule an office visit.  Our nurse will ask questions to assist the staff in determining the appropriate timing of your visit and to offer advice to keep your child comfortable until they can be seen.  They might also provide instructions on when to contact the office if there is a change in your child’s status or relay information from the provider that might expedite your child’s evaluation and treatment. 

  • Consultations:   Should concerns arise regarding your child’s behavior or academic performance, please contact our office to schedule a consultation.   For school-aged children, we request that your school counselor/psychologist arrange for a formal evaluation to exclude any conditions that may affect your child’s ability to perform at their true academic potential.  Standardized questionnaires completed by parent/caregivers and educators (available from the office and our website), along with academic progress reports are also very helpful and should be collected and completed prior your child’s appointment. 

    • Appointments for consultations are typically scheduled to last for one hour.   We will dedicate this time to discussing your concerns, reviewing completed forms and reports and formulating an approach to helping your child succeed.  Having your child present for this visit is helpful, but not required, and we welcome the opportunity to talk with them about school and any challenges they experience.   It is our experience, that children are often very perceptive and appreciate having their voices heard and their concerns validated. 

  • Medication follow up:  Children with chronic medical conditions require routine follow up throughout the year to determine the continued need for therapy, to evaluate for side effects of medications, and to assess how well the treatment is working.   In order to refill medication(s), particularly those used for children with ADHD that are controlled substances, these appointments are not only recommended, but mandated by many insurance carriers.  

  • Follow up evaluation from ED/Urgent Care:  If your child is evaluated after hours at a local Urgent Care or Emergency Department, we will attempt to contact you the following business day to see how your child is feeling and to determine the need for follow up in the office and to schedule the appointment.  Please be sure to bring with you any discharge instructions, including medication/treatment information – on occasion we do not receive reports in advance of the visit and this information is important for us to continue to care for your child.

  • Nurse visits:  Nurse visits are scheduled at your convenience for administration of vaccines to a well child, repeat in-office laboratory testing (urinalysis, strep testing, lead and hemoglobin), serial blood pressure measurements, patient/parent education (nebulizer/MDI use, medication preparation and home administration, wound care instruction), and administration of medications or injections as prescribed by the physician.  A provider is present in the office at these appointments and available if additional concerns arise. 

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