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Physical well-being is an important  aspect of overall health. Here, we strive to help ensure that the child's physical health is well cared for. 


Emotional well-being is a critical aspect of taking care of the entire child and to assist with families. It is our goal to offer care that embraces the emotional health of each child.


Care with a soul. We respect the many different perspectives and beliefs about health and life. We work hard to honor the spirit of each and every patient.

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Our Foundation


It is our aim to provide the very best, comprehensive care to promote the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of our patients.  We would like to extend sincere thanks to all of our friends, loved ones and practice families for their patience and support! 


The idea for a local center that focused on the health and wellness of the entire child was conceived earlier this year after the devastating loss of my father, Robert Fraser to metastatic melanoma. 


My dad was the most honest, hard-working man I knew.  He had suggested on several occasions, that to continue to embrace and enjoy my work as a pediatrician, I should open my own practice.  It was his love for his wife and family and his committment to serving his community however, that provided the inspiration necessary to create a medical home for children and families that could offer the highest quality of care in an intimate "hometown" environment.  


So it is with great pride and anticipation that we present our vision - to create a unique health and wellness experience for children and families. 


Many blessings and with much gratitude,


Emily Fraser-Branche, MD

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